Fostering Cultural Intelligence

Current Initiatives

Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

Training modules on Diversity & Inclusion and Managing Bias were integrated into UTSA’s annual compliance training for faculty, staff and student workers in the fall of 2019. The modules serve to raise the cultural intelligence of our community and provide an education foundation to promote an increased sense of belonging for our Hispanic faculty, staff and students.

Online and in-person trainings are available through the Office of Inclusive Excellence to the entire UTSA community.

The Hispanic Heritage Month program in a cultural celebration for the UTSA community, staff, faculty and students to engage around topics of Hispanic/Latino culture, issues, education and history. This year's celebration consisted of 33 events that included cooking, exercise, book club discussions, keynote speakers, panels, and film screenings.

A comprehensive Campus Climate Survey launched in the fall of 2020 to assess UTSA’s current campus environment and inform our strategies to make the university a more welcoming place for all. The survey solicited input and ideas for how UTSA can become a model Hispanic thriving institution. More information will be released soon.