Todo tiene su efecto by Adriana M. Garcia
UTSA Art Collection

About the Art Featured on this Site

All of the artworks highlighted on this website are from UTSA's world-class collection of Latinx artists, many of them San Antonio natives. 

These pieces were all featured in VOZ: Selections from the UTSA Art Collection, an exhibit co-presented by UTSA and the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture in as part of the city's 2018 Tricentennial celebration. The exhibit, which ran from February-June of that year at the Centro de Artes Gallery in San Antonio's historic Market Square, offered insight to the culture, history and explorations of identity that have shaped the our community, helping to create the modern metropolis we all share.

Since its founding in 1969, UTSA has recognized the value of artistic expression as a key part of fostering a learning community of excellence. The UTSA Art Collection, now numbering over 3,000 works, is the legacy of that long-held tradition. For those of us who work and study on UTSA’s campuses, the collection is part of our everyday lives. Many of the works hang on the walls of the John Peace Library, but they also grace the corridors of just about every building on our campuses, making the whole university a museum that celebrates creativity.

Adriana M. Garcia
Todo tiene su efecto, 2013

Raul Servín
Payday, 2000

Jesse Treviño
Los Piscadores, 2005

Luis L. Lopez
La Familia de Quetcal, 2004

Jacinto Guevara
Venus de UTSA, 2011

Rocio Sáenz
Migrantes, 2004

Cecilia Biagini
Continuo, 2009

Franco Mondini-Ruíz
San Antonio Sampler, 2016