UTSA & San Antonio’s Westside

To be a true urban-serving university and a driver of socioeconomic mobility, engagement and partnership with our San Antonio neighbors is essential.

UTSA has a firm commitment to deepen its relationships with all areas of the city, with a particular focus on San Antonio’s historically underserved neighborhoods. In light of UTSA’s plans to expand its Downtown Campus, a series of initiatives are underway to collaborate with San Antonio’s Westside community, particularly the near Westside neighborhoods adjacent to the campus.

About San Antonio’s Westside

The Westside is the heart of San Antonio’s Mexican American working class communities. Like many ethnic Mexican barrios in the U.S., San Antonio’s Westside has suffered from pervasive patterns of structural violence, including racial segregation, educational neglect and political disenfranchisement, all of which have impacted the lifeways of its residents over the past century and a half. Given these conditions, people in the Westside have fought for labor justice, educational rights and equitable city funding to improve the quality of life for future generations.

The Westside continues to be a source of pride for the community, birthing Mexican American grassroots leaders, artists, visionaries and professionals who have launched the creation of civil rights movements. Additionally, it is home to premier cultural arts institutions and nationally recognized organizations that continue to fight for cultural preservation, racial equity, educational access and social justice for Westside residents.

Westside Community Partnership

Westside Community Center

Westside Scholarship Fund